Deacon-Led Special Ministries

Our church believes the primary role of a Deacon is to use his or her spiritual gifts to provide care and support for members of our church and community. The Deacons of First Baptist commit themselves to ministry and servant leadership through implementation of gift-based ministry teams. This approach identifies the needs of individual church members and people in the community and matches those needs with the God-given gifts of those serving as Deacons.

These teams are meant to complement and supplement, not replace, the many wonderful supports and activities provided by our ministers, church committees, Sunday School classes, and individual church members. While currently serving Deacons provide leadership for these six teams, many other church members are actively involved in these ministry activities. We welcome you to join one of these servant teams, if you feel led to do so.

Deacon-led Ministry Teams

The Deacons of First Baptist Church are committed to being servant leaders and promoting the use of spiritual gifts in ministry to others. This commitment is realized through six gift-based ministry teams.

     - Outreach Team
     - Bereavement Team
     - Church Membership Team
     - Response and Support Team
     - Homebound Spiritual Visitation Team
     - Prayer Team

The Church Membership Team welcomes new members when they join our congregation and establish an on-going relationship with them in order to provide information about the church and encourage their active involvement, reach out to inactive members through various means to encourage a new commitment to church membership and involvement.

The Bereavement Team offers immediate support in the form of calls, visits, cards, prayers, etc. when a member experiences the loss of a loved one, provide on-going support by following up during the next year with additional contacts, encouraging others within the community of the person who is grieving (for example, Sunday School class) to reach out at significant birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc., providing resources related to healthy grieving and assisting with referrals to Ministers or professional counselors, if needed.

The Response and Support Team stays in contact with church members and their families who are hospitalized, recovering from a hospitalization or serious illness, and those with long-term chronic conditions who are not classified as homebound by visiting, sending cards, calling, etc., support members in emergencies and family crises, such as fire, flooding, or other natural disasters.

The Outreach Team share the gospel of Christ’s salvation with individuals who have not received Christ as their Lord and Savior, and invite those in our community who are currently non-church affiliated to consider being a part of our church family.

The Homebound Spiritual Visitation Team provides and/or serves communion to homebound members of our congregation multiple times during the year, Partner with the work of the church's Homebound Visitors by helping our homebound members feel connected to our fellowship. Regularly pray for our homebound and encourage our church to stay in touch with them.

The Prayer Team prays together focusing on the Lord's vision, will, and revival for our church and beyond, encourage teaching about prayer throughout our church through prayer groups, prayer events, devotional and prayer guides, and educational opportunities about prayer.