Sunday School – Nursery, Preschool and Young Children

We have a full Bible learning program for children of every age. We use “Hands On” Bible study curriculum that is lively, experiential, and engaging. It focuses on important Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments in a way that children enjoy the learning process. We have experienced caring adult teaching teams for Grades One through Five. Our three teams take a unit (usually for a month) and rotate through the year. To keep things fresh and interesting, during the summer months a special teaching team teaches the “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum. This is a Christian arts-focused Bible learning series that also uses seasons of the church year. We often infuse the year with special guest leaders and unique Christmas and Easter study series, such as “The Christmas Shoppe” and “An Easter Garden” experiences. 

Nursery Department
– Infants and children through three years of age are offered quality care and a beginning introduction to the love of God. Trained childcare providers under the leadership of Church members provide a safe, nurturing environment for these very young children.

Preschool Department – Children ages four and five are provided with creative, interactive activities that promote friendship-building, sharing, beginning Bible learning, and music. This class assists children in transitioning from the Nursery Department to the Morning Star Bible Adventures for older children.

School Age Children – Children in grades one through five meet together upstairs in the Christian Education building. Three teaching teams rotate monthly using a variety of Bible study materials that creatively guide the kids to learn Bible stories and explore ways to apply the Bible’s message to their lives. Special study series and sometimes joining with the youth for creative learning experiences make the Bible come alive. Summertime brings a special series taught by another teaching team to continue to engage the children in fresh, unexpected ways throughout the year.