Just in Case
Pillowcase Ministry

Just in Case you need a hug, a nap, or just comfort, this pillowcase was made especially for you!

The Vision

The ministry began with church member Margaret Seitz, who desired to see her Sunday School class involved in some type of hands-on ministry. One day she saw a pillowcase in a quilting magazine. She obtained the instructions and made one. As she thought about all that First Baptist does in mission work, she decided, “Why not include sewing?” She approached her Sunday School class. After an initial response of “Oh, we can’t do that!”, Margaret said, “Yes, we can!” And, the project took off!

The Creation

When the ministry began in February of 2014, it met each Monday morning at Margaret’s home, where she set up work stations for: fabric storage, cutting, pinning, sewing, and ironing. After two and a half years there, the work site moved to west end of the main floor of the church Education Building.

Originally, members of the Circle of Friends class divided up the labor. Soon members of other Sunday School classes began helping. Some volunteers work from home. Women from our deaf congregation meet on Thursdays to help. “Miss Margaret” plans and cuts the three pieces needed for each pillowcase. Others pin, sew, trim, fold, and iron. Some volunteers tie bows and print and attach labels to each pillowcase.   

The Recipients

Our Community:
     - First Baptist Church Ministries
     - Other Churches Backpack Ministries
     - Schools – Elementary and High Schools
     - Burke County Social Services
     - Family Caregiver Support Services
     - Emergency Services – Red Cross
     - Hospice
     - Habitat for Humanity
     - Rest Homes

Beyond Our Community:
     - Eswatini, Africa
     - The Rock Church in Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
     - Good Shepherd Clinic in Guatemala
     - The Evangelical Church of the Deaf in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
     - Guangzhou, China   

Beyond Pillowcases

In addition to pillowcases, we have made sundresses, shorts and shirt sets, and tote bags to fill needs.

Through This Ministry:
     - a Brownie Scout troop was taught to sew small pillows
     - our Youth Fellowship Group was taught to make the pillowcases
     - our summer camp children were given an opportunity to sew
     - our afterschool students now have a sewing club 

Get Involved

This ministry:
     - Covets your prayers
     - Accepts donations of fabric
     - Appreciates monetary donations
     - Loves to engage new volunteers even if you don’t sew
     - Enjoys receiving referrals for new recipients